WealthOS Solutions
Wealth Operating Platform

The unified middle and back office operating system for wealth management and retirement savings. The platform takes care of all the back end technology, infrastructure and processes to run the next generation of digital investment and retirement products, allowing you to focus on building the best customer experiences and attracting more assets.

Our platform significantly reduces operational time and costs through extensive automation and orchestration of middle and back office processes, as well as through remote maintenance and updates. You can start building your proposition now and get to market 3x faster and 40% cheaper than other technology solutions. Check out more about our platform here.

Unified Transfer Manager

The optimal digital solution for managing cash and asset transfers in and out for GIAs, ISAs and SIPPs. The Unified Transfer Manager provides a one-stop frictionless solution to manage cash and asset transfers between providers. It supports seamless communication, document exchange and no-code connectivity to transfer messaging services, like Origo and Altus. It is fully automated and data-rich, allowing you to provide smooth transfer experiences for your customers and improve the pace of asset consolidation to your products.

Fee Computation and Billing Software

Fee computation and billing for wealth management and retirement savings; fully automated computation and recovery of all types of fees. This solution supports flat and tiered fees on assets and amount based fees, transaction fees, taxes and levies. It is fully configurable across different time periods, frequencies (e.g. one-off versus ongoing), hierarchies and schedules.

SIPP Administration and Drawdown Software

Build the next generation digital retirement experience with a fully automated, orchestrated and API-driven pension drawdown operating system. This solution covers the complete operations lifecycle from consolidating retirement assets, reporting live balances, adjusting ongoing contribution patterns, handling investments, “pot”/”goal” management through to setting up regular vs. ad-hoc withdrawals, expedient tax-free cash outs (UFPLS and PCLS in the UK), supporting one-off and regular withdrawals and administering pension payroll.

It is also compliant with and easily connected to the forthcoming UK Pensions Dashboard Project through our Unified API Layer. Our pension drawdown software is part of our — first in the UK — cloud-native digital Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) software, which also covers the complete operations lifecycle of pension accumulation.

Projections and Illustrations Software

Access all the deterministic projections you need to create informative and fully compliant customer journeys. The Projections and Illustrations Software, via our Unified API Layer, consumes the required inputs and provides projections and illustrations to power customer experiences, statutory illustrations (such as SMPI and MIFID II), reporting and other communications. This feature provides both calculations and PDF reports.


We bring you cloud-native digital solutions for transfer management, pensions drawdown, projections & illustrations and fees & billing.

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