Under the hood

Our comprehensive feature set allows organisations to run digital wealth products compliantly on a single platform. But our platform's modularity allows organisations to fit only the relevant feature modules around other technologies and counterparties.

Modular architecture
The core modules and additional modules of the WealthOS platform are built using microservices/nanoservices architecture, exposed via APIs, allowing you to use either the entire platform or only the services you want in a fine-grained pattern. This modular architecture allows significantly high levels of orchestration and automation.
Regional intelligence
The WealthOS platform uses a Regional Intelligence Layer. This layer informs the platform of jurisdiction-based features and regulations relevant to your region of operation (e.g. the UK, US, or EU).
Seamless communication between platforms
The WealthOS platform supports REST APIs for push-pull communication (for example, in investor creation, data extraction for reporting), while Web Sockets are available to asynchronously push notifications that allow real-time state synchronisation between the platforms (e.g. transaction status updates, error notifications).
Reduce total cost of ownership

The platform’s serverless architecture running on AWS Lambdas allows for on-demand scalability, reduced cost of infrastructure (pay only when used), and significantly lower release and deployment time.

By leveraging the public cloud multi-tenant environments to the fullest, we take care of all infrastructure — including computing resources, responsively scaling up and down on demand. Optionally, you can also choose to own a dedicated instance of the cloud environment.

By operating a mature DevOps culture, fully tested and backwardly compatible upgrades are deployed continuously to sandbox, staging, and production environments.

Running on a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) the platform uses private subnets behind a Web Access Firewall (WAF) to provide a secure, monitored environment. All communications are secured using the TLS 1.2 standard.
Reliability with 24x7 operation
With support for multiple Availability Zones and blue-green deployment architecture, the platform is built to run reliably with significant built-in redundancy to ensure no downtime. All modules are designed for 24x7 operation.
Reduce development friction
WealthOS APIs are built on the Open API Specification 3 standard, making our APIs human and machine-readable. This allows your development team to interact with WealthOS with minimal code uplift.
Platform Architecture
Development Languages and Tools

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