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By  Chamat Arambewela    Posted on Oct 26 2021 

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs (obviously)

At WealthOS, we want to empower people worldwide with financial security and equitable access to high-quality wealth management products and services. We find the existing core wealth management technology options to be out-of-date and non-digital friendly. So we are changing the entire wealth tech landscape, upgrading the industry by building an enterprise wealth management platform – fully cloud-native on AWS using serverless technology.

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  1. Senior Software Engineer (React.js)
  2. Software Engineer

Who we are

WealthOS is a UK based company in a global marketplace powered by Sri Lankan ingenuity. We’ve only been around since October 2019, but in record time we’ve managed to build a private beta version of the platform, do multiple roadshows to potential investors, clients and partners across the globe, and raise $800,000! Take a minute to catch our breath? Nope, we’re moving straight into MVP build and taking our first client live!

Our founders are incredibly diverse. Anton brings the vision – he has exhaustive experience in the wealth management industry having launched Wealth Management propositions for the likes of Fidelity International, and Smart Pension. Chamat brings execution – a Moratuwa Engineering first class with over a decade at the London Stock Exchange (previously MillenniumIT) building and launching enterprise platforms. Shamindra brings business expertise and network – Ex- Managing Director at Russell Investments with global experience in fund and asset management.

We’re passionate, focused and full of self-belief that we are going to change the face of Wealth Technology.

How we work

We follow Agile methodologies with a predominantly Scrum flavour and some Kanban thrown into the mix. Anyone aware of agile knows that communication and collaboration are key – while physical proximity can prove difficult during a global pandemic, we use as many tools as possible to ease collaboration and promote open communication. This allows us to work in an environment where people from a single scrum team join from multiple time zones across the world (currently our standups have people joining from the UK, Sri Lanka and Russia). With client targets in Europe and North America, anyone working at WealthOS will get nothing short of a full global experience.

Our Team

Our technology partner Yaala Labs, based in Sri Lanka has immense experience building enterprise, mission-critical fintech platforms. The Yaala Labs team provides WealthOS with best-in-class architectural design and a dedicated team of engineers for the platform build.

Our QA and software testing partner Exactpro, headquartered in the UK, with operations in the US, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Armenia, Canada and Italy, comes with a strong pedigree in testing fintech platforms globally.

We employ subject matter experts globally to cover key functional and regulatory compliance areas to ensure that the product covers an expansive range of features and covers various jurisdictions to build a true, global platform.

The product team acts as the glue that binds all these teams together, ensuring that the product feature pipeline is built, features are fleshed out and functionally designed in step with Dev and QA to deliver value-adding user journeys at the end of each sprint.

With the MVP build and first client go-live, we plan to build out an operations team to manage and monitor production and UAT deployments, execute L1 and L2 support, live Ops etc.

Our Solution

Our enterprise SaaS platform provides core functionality such as Investor onboarding and maintenance (including KYC/AML check), payments and transfers (cash and asset transfers), securities trading, portfolio management, tax wrapper administration (tax rules based on the jurisdiction), fee computations, regulatory reporting, client communications and transactions and record-keeping core. Our platform will also build a marketplace of integrations with key third party providers such as OnfidoStripeMorningstar, etc. to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution. All wrapped in well designed REST APIs with a strong focus on great documentation.

Join our journey and not only will you become an expert in these areas (if you aren’t already!), you could even end up contributing towards changing how these features are used in the fintech industry.

Our Technology

WealthOS is a cloud-native platform built on cutting-edge serverless technology. For the more techies out there, this means Lambdas on AWS ;)The Operations Center is built on React and the team uses a host of tools and services as part of the build, launch and operate process. Here’s a quick glimpse of the stack.

If we have you convinced, check out our vacancies on LinkedIn and get to applying!

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