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By  Anjana Jayawardena    Posted on May 3 2021 

At WealthOS our entire product ethos evolves around one thing – reducing friction. This permeates all our thinking and decisions, be it in the architecture of the WealthOS modular core, the ease of our Self Sign-On process, the simplicity of the tenancy configuration design or the generation of API documentation – the driving principle is reducing friction for our users at every level.

The existing back-office platforms in wealth tech (especially on-premise legacy ones) bring so much friction to launching a digital value proposition. Multi-year, multi-million pound programmes to launch a wealth management proposition are not the exception, they are the norm. At WealthOS, we are changing this narrative.

We could happily go on and on about all the ways we are greasing the wealth-tech wheels, but this blog article will focus on key 3rd party integrations. WealthOS provides our clients with a marketplace of pre-integrated 3rd party providers that are mandatory for running a wealth management back-office. Think KYC/AML, card payments, bank transfers, investment price and static data sourcing to name a few.

At WealthOS, we will build out these integrations as part of our product roadmap to ensure that the best-in-class service providers are available pre-integrated to our clients, with no additional costs incurred, or time spent in building mandatory integrations. Above and beyond this, we hope to provide a marketplace where clients will be able to pick and choose a preferred service provider for a certain service (for example, choose between Onfido and Experian for KYC/AML). So all our users need to do is select the preferred service provider, set up the relevant API keys, and get a fully integrated service straight out of the box.

Seems too good to be true? For our private beta, we created two integrations to showcase this – Onfido for KYC/AML and Stripe for Payments. I’ll use Onfido as an example:

Step 1 – Select your preferred partner:

Step 2 – Add APIs

Add the relevant API keys by following our step-by-step guide on how to get the required information from the service provider.

And that’s it. Two steps, and you are now connected to Onfido via WealthOS to carry out KYC/AML checks for investors.

Interested to know what other features and principles we’re using to reduce friction, and get our clients launching propositions in double quick time? Keep an eye on our blog, or reach out for a demo. We’re also doing more cool integrations, which we’ll talk about in the weeks to come.

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